Friday, 25 October 2013

RAW with Canon 5D mk3

There have been exciting developments in the DSLR world, particularly for owners of the Canon 5D mk3, thanks to the amazing work of the Magic Lantern team. They have brought 1920x1080 RAW capabilities to our mk 3's free of cost. This is a big deal as it really improves the image quality of our videos. Meanwhile Black Magic Design have also  been offering their colour grading software Davinci Resolve for free for some time now. The combination of these tools is powerful indeed. There is plenty of information out there to help you get going with a raw workflow. I am not hugely technical but eventually managed to work it out from online info. And Now i am RAW ready! Here's a few pix of my set-up.

Here is my set up.

Davinci Resolve Lite 10 (free download). I'm still getting my head around Resolve but I can already see the potential power of it.

Euphonix MC Color controller compatible with Resolve, Avid MC and more. Not essential but after using one you will struggle to go without.

Canon 5D mk3 with Varavon LCD viewfinder

Screen grab of Magic Lantern firmware RAW video page. The firmware is copied to the SD card so it runs in conjunction with the standard canon firmware. I haven't had any freezes nor over-heating.

But you will need a couple of these - 1000x CF cards. 128GB will store 23 mins of RAW footage. I got mine from B&H for US$169 each. So far my only expense.

I will shoot some test footage this weekend so stay tuned!

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