Monday, 17 November 2014

export 1080 50fps slo-mo from Davinci Resolve - Quick Tip

Just bringing in some quad-copter GoPro footage shot at 50fps 1080p. Media Composer only supports 50fps up to 720p. Resolve can help you get around this (AfterFX can also do the job but isn't free). To convert your 50fps footage to 25fps in resolve:

- Create a new project
- Set timeline format to 25fps
- Add media to media pool
- Right click the clip and select Clip Attributes
- Change to 25 frames per second
- Render clip
- Import into Avid

It's that easy.

I also have Canon C300 footage shot at 720p 50fps. To get this footage playing back in slo-mo:
- Create a new Avid project
- Select 720 50p from project settings
- Import/consolidate/transcode footage
- Close project
- Open, in my case, 1080 50i project
- Open bin containing slo-mo clip

And that's it. clips should playback in slo-mo.

Btw while in Resolve I also find the stabilizer much better than in avid.