Monday, 29 October 2012

Poetry in motion

I recently shot a bunch of poetry readings to be exhibited at the Auckland Museum as part of the Urban Life program. The exhibition opens on the 3rd of November. See the Auckland Museum website for details. Here are a few screen grabs from my Premiere project.

for this shoot I got to try out a couple of new additions to my kit. - LED 600 Variable Colour Balance Light. I used this for my key light. I like that it is light-wieght and it doesn't get hot... ever. It has a dimmer and variable colour temperature. I picked mine up from Photoshack for NZD $599 but they are currently on sale for $475. - Light Stand / Boom Arm. This vital tool allows you to position you mic perfectly and keep it there. I picked mine up from photoshack for NZD $70 and well worth every penny. Blacks were used for the backdrop. In addition to the LED 600, two Dedo were used as back and fill lights. I shot with my 5D mk3 with canon 50mm 1.4 lens mounted on an offset shoulder rig and follow focus. I added a light grade in premiere by doubling the video layer, desaturating and sharpening the bottom layer while blurring and changing the opacity mode to overlay on the top layer. The third new addition was a SanDisk Ultra 32gb SD card I bought at PB Technologies for NZD $68. That is mcuh cheaper than the CF cards without any loss in image quality. Although the ingest did seem a bit slow.