Monday, 4 April 2011

HDR Timelapse

I had a go at an HDR Timelapse today. HDR or High Dynamic Range is when you take multiple shots at variable exposures and combine them later using photoshop or similar.  Here's one I took some time ago near Ponsonby road, Auckland.

In this shot I combined two exposures and pasted them together manually in photoshop. This is the most basic of HDR and there are a number of programs that do it automatically. I was a bit reluctant to try an HDR Timelapse because I hadn't figured out a efficient workflow and the thought of so many files was a bit intimidating. So I googled it and I came across this tutorial. Apparently it's pretty easy...

I added a step of importing my photos into Adobe Lightroom (which is part or my normal workflow) and exporting them with a 16:9 crop factor at 1080 X 1920. I'm assuming reducing the images will have cut down the processing time in Photomax. In Photomax I used the Enhancer - Painterly preset. Finally in QuickTime 7 I added a little contrast on export.

Photomax Lite costs US$39, Photomax Pro US$99. Download a trial version of Photomax Pro 4.0.2 for mac here.  

Update: have updated the clip. here are some other images I have been foolin around with.

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